About Us

Luxura Locks strives to bring affordable Brazilian clip in hair to as many people as possible. We see a growing demand for quality natural Indian human hair extensions all around the world. Our hair comes directly from Brazil, which guarantees its quality, durability and reliability. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with good quality hair and pricing along with valuable customer support. We are here to answer all your questions and to help meet your hair needs.

We know our customers want long-lasting, gorgeous locks, that is why we take our time when selecting each batch of our Brazilian hair for a product you can rely on. Luxura Locks Extensions naturally match hair types giving you a more natural instant beautiful glamorous look. It is equally important to use high quality Brazilian hair for your extensions to achieve the look you desire. We supply hair that doesn’t tangle, shed, or breakdown so you can be confident in whatever you do.

Luxura Locks Extensions are made with 100% Brazilian human hair. We guarantee it! We are devoted to our product and brand promise to give you the ultimate hair shopping experience.

Luxura Locks extensions represent the woman who wants the best! All our products are made with the highest quality Brazilian hair. They can be washed, conditioned, colored, straightened, curled, and style in any way imaginable.

We offer all of our clients a dedicated Hair Consultant to assist with planning and executing the perfect look. This personalized service helps you to choose the right hair color to match your unique goals. This is just our commitment to being a full service hair partner offering you the information, tools and product that will make you look and feel like a superstar.

To ensure our clients receive the very best service, our Hair Consultants are available anytime during business hours to help you choose the most appropriate hair color and product(s). We know every client has a unique goal and a desire to learn what options they have to achieve a certain style and look.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

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